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Why Every Business Needs a Sales Plan

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Every Business Needs a Sales Plan

Businesses with a Sales Plan sell more. Operating your business without a sales plan is like setting off to drive from Brighton to Edinburgh with no sat nav. and all the road signs covered up, a long and scary journey ahead.

To a business, a sales plan is the HOW to your WHY, it is the road map to achieve your targets, set out in your business plan.  If you do not have a business plan are you really serious about growing your business?

Bring your team on your Sales Planning journey

The good news is it is not difficult to create a sales plan but you will see the benefits from day one. Involve your team in the process, every member of staff should have a basic understanding of what you are striving to achieve and how they are involved. Include an abbreviated version in the induction process, make reference during appraisals. A sales plan gives you peace of mind that everyone in the organisation is pulling in the same direction.

Writing your first Sales Plan

If you do not already have a plan, your first will take a little longer. You will need to:

  • Complete research on competitors, target market, market conditions
  • Create a list of products and services
  • Identify price points and profitability
  • Discover and asses marketing tools

Then simply complete a monthly review to ensure you are on track.

Writing a Sales Plan is fun

Sales planning is the fun part, as you start to work through the sections you may be surprised at just how much you know already, equally you could just discover the one thing that turns your business in to the success you know it can be.

Ready to Start your Sales Plan?

If you are ready to tackle your plan join our 90 minute workshop where we will give you all the tools you need for you plan including:

  • Pre-Course Preparation – Ensuring you are ready to get the most out of our session
  • 90 Minute Workshop, delivered live, over Zoom
  • A Sales plan template, with notes on completing
  • Review of presentation, as a reminder
  • Follow up 1-2-1 to see how you are getting on with your plan

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