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A Different Approach To Sales Success

This is what it feels like when you get it right.
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Having been in sales for over 30 years, selling B2B, in a variety of industries from Hospitality to Food, IT to Professional Services, in business’ ranging from start ups to multimillion turnover organisations, I have pretty much seen it all…


  • Stressed out business owners trying to juggle sales, in amongst other key aspects of growing a business, especially hard when they are not from a sales background, but they have a great product or service that needs to be sold.


  • The ‘accidental sales person’ – someone in an organisation who finds themselves in a sales role, when this may not be their core competency.


  • Marketing departments who are generating volume leads, but conversions are lower than expected.


  • A CRM, or worse, a spreadsheet, full of ‘lost’ enquiries, where the follow up involved sending one email to a prospect, then giving up when there was no response.


  • Large teams, where a small number are underperforming, but the sales manager does not have the time to devote to nurturing them over the block that is holding them back, so they are left to their own devices, until they eventually find another job.


I have lost count of the number of times I have spoken to businesses who say ‘We just can’t find the right salesperson’ similarly I have met salespeople who feel under supported and poorly managed.


These are just some of the things that lead me to a solution that is logical, effective, and not your typical sales training, The Saldi Academy is a combination of Sales Training, Coaching and Management, with a guarantee that, if you follow the process, you will see results. We will work with you until you do.


In today’s fast paced world, where we can put our product or service in front of millions of people, in a few clicks, we are in danger of losing sight of the fact that sales is a process and a journey.


Picture this – Crossing a river, using stepping stones, if you get to the middle and one is missing you are not going to reach the other side.

Often, when sales falter the reaction is to book a course on how to close more sales, or read books on the psychology of selling, pick up some new techniques, try every trick in the book to outwit your buyer … but what if, you are not actually talking to the right person in the first place? If the sale hasn’t been properly constructed it’s like trying to extend a property, designed to be single story, by a further six floors, the higher it gets the shakier it is.


The Academy invites delegates to take a step back, to hit pause and to consider; who exactly is your ideal customer, where best to find them,  how to gain their interest and more importantly retain that interest all the way up to the sale, after which you will ask for testimonials and referrals.


It may be that you have already perfected 5 of the 7 steps, but nothing less than 7 out of 7 is good enough to base your entire sales strategy around. Unless your whole team is on board with your process, all using the same winning formula, then you will never maximise your potential.


But why is this different to other sales training courses?


  1. Sessions are on Zoom, not pre-recorded video.
  2. After each session, every delegate receives one to one time – ensuring that step is tailored to the needs of their business.
  3. We work with managers to give feedback – This works both ways, if we feel you are not supporting your salesperson with the tools, they need to sell your product or service, we’ll tell you. If we feel the delegate, you have invested in, is unable to put in the work required, we’ll tell you that too.
  4. Those who need extra help get extra help – We want everyone who passes through our Academy to succeed, we want every business we work with to gain a significant return on their investment and our guarantee to you is that we will work with you until it works for you.


If you would like to learn more, we are running 60 minute Academy taster session, even if you do not progress to the full sessions, you will gain one key takeaway from each of the 7 steps to a successful sale. Just click the highlighted text above to select a date to join us.Or Book a call to discuss.


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